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Theatre Chennai

A look at what else is happening in the city:

Bala WTD Play

World Theatre Day is March 27 – all over the world. And Chennai aka Madras is never behind in celebrations. Details of performances in Chennai soon…

Await Details in the press and here… as well as several other elsewheres!



  Shwetha wrote @

I would love to join . How can I get in ?


  Anonymous wrote @

Join us, or Join the World Theatre Celebration to which the original post alludes?


  Masquerade wrote @

In case you’re still keen to join, email us at Check out our forthcoming workshop on Dec 1-2, 2018. It could be the ideal place to start.


  S, Kishore wrote @

Hello Masquerade team, Vanakkam!

This is Kishore from Madras. I’m working as a visual designer @ My ambition is to become a film maker. So as a first step I penned a script and planning to make a tele film. So I and my team are looking for casting to my project. So it would be helpful if you guys supports us. I mentioned the casting call below, please go through it and let us know.

Lead actor (preferably Sikh or should have young Sardar face cut) & lead actress (south Indian face cut) are needed. If you guys happen to know anyone who will be really interested in doing a role taking up our project, please let us know & forward it to more people you know!

It will be helpful, if the candidates share their acting video links, photos or Facebook profile.

Mobile: 9003088545

P.S. Descent pay can be given, proper respect & puckkah safety-security will be given to the person, proper pick-up/drop will be arranged if needed, food & snacks are provided for the day.

Thankyou 🙂


  malziemalz wrote @

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Malavika a student of M.O.P Vaishnav College for Women pursuing Visual Communication. I have always been attracted to Theatre arts and its ethics and so i was wondering if you have any internship programmes based on Theatre Production and Stage Mangaement? If not, is there any vacancy to be a part time back stage volunteer at your Theatre Organization. Kindly inform me. Thank you for your time.


  Srini wrote @

I am keen to join some Hindi Theatre. How do I join your theatre


  pradeep wrote @

How to join your theatre?


  Jennifer Sharmila wrote @

Hey i would like to join , plz let me know the membership procedure


  Aishwarya Mahesh wrote @

Good job Jerry!!!Respect!!!for keeping theatre chennai alive and kicking on every portal!!!!


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