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Janosch - The TIger and Bear Tales

A children’s theatre performance by adults for children 5+ years old.

Is it better to stay home with all the given comforts? Or a little adventure in getting around the world to get some perspective? Is that perspective worth the trouble of going around? Join the Bear and the Tiger on their adventure to THE LAND OF THEIR DREAMS… meet several lovely little friends they make on THE(IR) TRIP TO PANAMA…

And while we are on it… WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU RECEIVED A LETTER? Or have to forgotten the good old post card? Not the Tiger, not the Bear… nor Aunty Goose. Explore a whole ‘OLD’ world of writing letters… a world where they still use a Phone as a Phone. Where a PHONE means a PHONE and does not come with Cameras for Selfies and Groupfies… A LETTER FOR TIGER… 

JOIN US AT SPACES (Elliot’s Beach, Besant Nagar, Chennai, INDIA) for a show of JANOSCH… at 5:30 p.m and 7:30 p.m on SUNDAY the 18th June, 2017 with all your kids (yours, those in the neighbourhood and any and every kid you can bring along!)… and the KID IN YOU!

It’s a show for 5+. ALL ARE WELCOME!

DURATION: 70 mins.


Dystopia – 90 minutes of Paranoid Fiction

Dystopia Dystopia – 90 minutes of Paranoid fiction

View 1 minute trailer here>>>

A Major, A Clown, A Ballerina, A Hobo, A Mime and an Actor

Adapted for Stage and Directed by Mathivanan Rajendran
Produced by

Music by Karthik Varma
Artwork by
Aditi Kulkarni

Cast: Aditya Gopalan, Aishwarya Mahesh, Karthik Varma, KK, Mathivanan Rajendran, Sharavana Raghavan


2 short plays

“The Last Actor on Earth” – Krishna Kumar the Actor has 48 hours to Live. He is to be executed for being Obsolete.

“Man in a Box” – Major Sharan just woke up in a room with no exit. He isn’t leaving any time soon.

90 minutes of paranoid fiction.

September 4th – 7:15 pm

September 5th – 7:15 pm

Spetember 6th – 3:15 and 7:15 pm

Venue – Alliance Francaise

Donor Pass Rs 150

Ticketing begins August 24th

for Advance booking Call

9380 286 129

9790 911 711

Available at all Landmark outlets and at ‘The Den’ Adyar


Online booking: