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Past Productions

Masquerade has performed over 100 full-length productions and 200+ readings.

Here is a select list of our productions.

Parrot’s Lies – 2018 March, World Theatre Day

From Sunset to Sunrise by Surendra Verma
October 7 & 8 (7 15 pm) – 2017 at Spaces, Adyar, Chennai, India

28 Down, Eight Letters by Julie A Johnston
The Short + Sweet Theatre Festival – South India – July 2017
Winner of the Best Play of the Week on Week 2 and Best Actor of the Week 2

JANOSCH – The Tiger & Bear Tales for Children (5+ y.o) – June 2017

Square Root of Sins Past – written by Shriram Sivaramakrishnan (our Resident Playwright) aka THE EIGHTEENTH DAY (working title) – World Theatre Day 2017

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (MYT Devised Production) – 2016

Touring Tales – a Story Performance for BnB Children (2015)

Jungle Bungles – a Story Performance for BnB Children (2015)

The Tearjerker – a devised production (MYT) August 2014

The Island by Athol Fugard – World Theatre Day 2014

In the Kingdom of Foolish – adaptation of Indian Folktale (MYT) – August 2013

Mrichchakatika or The Little Clay Cart by Sudhraka – World Theatre Day 2013

Cheating Cheaters (2012)

A Temporary Matter (adapted for performance by Nikhila Kesavan)
by Jhumpa Lahiri (produced in collab with The Madras Players)
@ The Hindu MetroPlus Theatre Festival (2012)

Guru Paramartha & His Misadventures an adaptation for stage from Father Beschi (2011)

Brer Rabbit Chronicles – adaptation from Enid Blyton (2010)

We’ll Always Have Peach Tiles (at The Short + Sweet Festival 2010)

Charandas Chor by Habib Tanvir (MYT Production) (2009)

Nun In Black – adapted from Cheating Cheaters (2009)

Jigsaw – three stages of evolution of an actor (2009)

The Truth by Mohan Narayanan (2008)

Haroun & the Sea of Stories (2007)

Thus Spake Shoorpanakha, So Said Shakuni by Poile Sengupta (2007)

‘Small Medium @ Large’ – (2007)

‘Gautam’s Three’ by Gautam Raja(2007) feat. Pub Crawl & Deep Freeze, Wood, Damini the Damager

A Midsummer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare (2006) – Review

Parrots Lies by Andreas Marber (2003) Review and (2006)

‘Doing it in Purpose’ – a collection of plays by David Ives (2005) – Review

‘Chills and Chuckles ‘ A ‘Menage-a-trois’ of three short plays (2003)

Twelfth Night by William Sheakespeare (2002) – Review

Wood by Gautam Raja (2001) – Review

Chapter 2 by Neil Simon (2003)

Final Solutions by Mahesh Dattani (2001)

Urban Legends I & II (2001) – Review

This list doesn’t YET / Currently include our productions from 1994 – 2000.

To be updated shortly…

Associated Productions and Activities:

Rural Phantasy by Gowri Ramnarayan (2006)

The Hindu Metro Plus Theatre Festival (2006)

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