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Our Director – Uncut

From our director’s blog space:


March 27, 2017… A VERY HAPPY WORLD THEATRE DAY, world!

2017. Exciting year and exciting season 24 begins, as we plod towards our Silver Jubilee year. Yes, we will be 25 Next Year!!!

“Hubba hubba… have a cuppa! On Super Mario xtra power mode. Xciting times ahead. The team is working on The Eighteenth Day, a devised performance, scripted by Shriram Sivaramakrishnan our Resident Playwright, stringing together events from The Mahabharata, dealing with the episodes of The Game of Dice, Draupadi bailing the Pandavas out, subsequent exile to forest, the Urubhanga of Duryodhana and the Oath of Aswathama… for April 1st premiere at the amphitheatre in Dakshinachitra, Muttukadu, Chennai… on a one-night-performance only (non-ticketed, Entry by Invite) as part of our World Theatre Day celebrations.

Getting ready for a full season ahead, starting with

… Summer Workshop on Story Performance Theatre for Tweens aged 8 to 13 years from May 1 – 19 (our Bear and Beanbag initiative for Children),

… 9th Season of our Annual Summer Theatre for Teens aged 13 – 19 – Camp Neuve Season 9 Summer Youth Theatre workshop from May 1 – May 19, 2017

Venue: both Workshops @ 3Bs School of Music, Speech and Drama, Indira Nagar, Adyar, Chennai.

Stay tuned for further news on our Coming Soon page

Performative Reading of some interesting scripts being toyed with: Blackbird (David Harrower), Jailbait (Dierdre O’Connor) included!

Proposed productions include Oleanna (David Mamet), Shoorpanaka-Shakuni (Poile Sengupta), a devised production Miriam (based on Miriam’s story from Anne Funder’s STASILAND), Antigone, The Curse of Aswathama  are all hooking me, cajoling me to take up for production. Very intense stuff, nuanced and delicately layered but addictive… and hence unignorable. Let’s see, let’s see! I am loving the adrenalin.

And later for the year – hopefully September – a production of Bhavabhuti’s Uttararamacharitha!! Did I say, I am a Dreamer… Sigh!!!

March 27, 2017



  Anbuselvan wrote @

want to join in masqerde chennai


  krishnan rangaraju wrote @

hello, i am an unknown entity. i need to speak to your director, about a play i have written about “Draupadi”, which i believe your group may be interested.
kindly call me on 09844008964 or mail thanx-
krishnan rangaraju, bangalore


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