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MRICHCHAKATIKA – The Little Clay Cart

WTD # 15

World Theater Day – March 27 – Wednesday

As has been in the past 14 years…

MASQUERADE – the performance group

invites you


Live the Joy of Theater…

The Commedia dell’Arte Way!!!

These are days of much maligned relationships on the Indo-Italian front! The governments are fighting… rousing rabbles and fishing in troubled waters… the Envoys are on alert. But not us in the Theater. This year’s World Theater Day message comes from the great Italian Theater personality – DARIO FO!

And we at Masquerade are taking a leaf out of his work. As we step into 20 years of existence at Masquerade (started 1994 -), we turn a new leaf….

A devised work-in-progress…

Our very Indian Sanskrit theater in a very European package…

MRICHCHAKATIKA (The Little Clay Cart)

written around 2nd Century B.C. by King Shudraka

About the Production

Devised and performed as a story-narrative by seven aspiring performance-enthusiasts, it is a work in progress… and hence not ticketed. Also, keeping in tradition with the Commedia dell’Arte story telling-performing tradition, we plan to travel this show around… each time improvising, improving on previous performances… and PASSING THE HAT around. That too is a dell’Arte tradition.

“Masquerade” brings to you a devised dell’Arte performance of The Little Clay Cart to commemorate the world theatre day.

Date: 28th of March 2013

Time: 7.15 p.m

Venue: ”SPACES”- #1 Elliot’s Beach road, Besant Nagar.

Entry strictly restricted to 75 blockings. Invite through RSVP only. To make the experience comfortable for the audience, we seek your RSVP so we don’t get into standing room situation. Much as possible, Mosquitoes not allowed… neither are Mosquito tennis racquets.

Contact by furnishing surface address for communication purpose and invitations.

Further details call KK @ 98840 29865 after 6 p.m and till 9.00 p.m until or before 24 March, Sunday, 2013.


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